June 13, 2015

An Early Saturday Morning Interaction

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:14 pm by msweet42

5:45 on a foggy, misty Saturday morning in downtown Ottawa. I’m in my car in the No Parking zone outside Tim Horton’s checking a couple of things before I go in for a coffee. I have to kill time until a 7 am pick up at the Westin Hotel.

When I get out of the car I notice a mini van sort of parked behind me. I say sort of because it’s not by the curb but sort of offset. I’m trying to process that – trying to place where I’ve seen that before. It’s early, remember. Need my coffee.

As is my habit, I look at the van driver. We do that little “Good Morning” nod to each other and then it registers. She’s wearing a police uniform. Offset parking is what the police do when they are writing a ticket. I’m in the No Parking but that’s Monday to Friday and it’s Saturday. I look back at my car, the parking sign and then back at her.

She furrows her brow a bit, laughs and shakes her head. I look in Tim’s and realize she’s waiting for her partner to get coffees. It’s all okay.

I laugh, wave hello to her and get on with my morning.

Events that are not earth shaking should also be appreciated.



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