April 29, 2015

The muffin thing

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:03 pm by msweet42

April 29. A gloriously clear blue sky kind of day, Not a day I would have chosen to be sitting in the ER at the hospital in Gatineau waiting to see a urologist, But it’s the day I’ve got.

As we are waiting, the “benevole”, the volunteer comes down the hall with her cart selling coffee and muffins. Diane and I watched a young lady stop her and engage in conversation. Nothing is purchased. So far as we can tell, it appears the girl didn’t have the money.

When she got to us, we asked the volunteer. Turns out the girl wanted a muffin but had left her money in her car. She’s going to be called shortly so there’s not enough time to go get it.
While the volunter sells coffee to the people behind us, Diane takes $2 over to the girl. Oh no, she doesn’t want to borrow money. It’s not a loan. Take the money, enjoy your muffin, and help someone some time in the future. Big smles all around. SHe bought her muffin.

If you’ve got to sit around an ER, you might as well find someting to do to make you feel good.


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