March 1, 2015

2015 Post-Cruise Fort Lauderdale

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Disembarkation. Now there’s a word. I’m pretty sure the dictionary definition does not nclude this but it means, among other things, its over. Get off the ship. Ease yourself back into Real Life which is already in progress. Yup.

When the day started we double-checked to make sure we had all the little items that try to hide when you pack after two weeks. Carry-ons in tow, we found our waiting area and waited for our group number to be called. In due time, we were led off the ship, our Sea Pass scanned one last time to ensure we had left and took a long and winding path to the terminal. Found our luggage with no problem. Cleared US Customs and Immigration with ease. Found ourselves a taxi and headed off to the Marriott Hollywood Beach Hotel.

Because we had done some exploring the last day prior to the cruise, we had some idea where we wanted to book our hotel this time. The Marriott is nicely situated on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. An easy ten-minute walk to bars and shops but far enough away that noise wasn’t an issue.

Our room was nicely appointed, king size bed, two balconies, view of the ocean and of the Intercoastal Waterway and high enough on the seventh floor to be able to see everything.

Once checked in, we headed for the beach. The beach starts about fifty feet from the hotel. Sweet. But the day was a bit cool and clouding up so we only spend about an hour there.

We wandered down the Broadwalk checking out restaurants. We saw Peruvian, Argentinean, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Canadian, and traditional American bar fare, just to name a few. We chose a place named after two women pirates and had fish and chips. Actually, onion rings for the chips. Diane had a coke and I had an unpronouncable rum drink. We walked back to the hotel satisfied.

We took our rest for the remainder of the evening.

Saturday came with an unwanted gift – rain. Not exactly what we had hoped for but hey, it was rain, not snow. Diane found a Criminal Minds marathon to enjoy. I made occasional forays outside to check the weather. Diane was able to surmise the outside conditions by how much I dripped when I returned. I decided to see what I could do about that Black Russian mix I’d gottten back from the ship. We got a pizza and Cokes from the hotel and had an in-room picnic. Later in the evening I used the hotel’s computer to do our online checkin and print our boarding passes.

Sunday morning arrived. Time to repack everything in preparation for our flight. Make sure all the large liquids and such were not in our carry on luggage. Try to distribute things so both cheked bags were within the weight limit. Make sure our Traveling Clothes are in our carry on. Showers taken, everything packed, done and done.We parked our luggage with the hotel when we checked out so we could get in a few last hours of beach and sun. Now seems the best time to do it. Somehow, sitting in a beach chair on the back patio of our house just doesn’t have the same attraction today.

I’m writing this on the beach enjoying the last bit of time before the taxi to the airport.

The lifeguard station is displaying two flags, red and purple. Red for strong waves and currents. Purple for dangerous marine life. There are Portuguese Man ‘O War. I’ll take their word on this. Not going looking for them. They have tentacles that can be up to fifty feet long which can cause stings hours and days after death. I got some good pictures of them when they washed ashore.

So the remainder of our schedule is to do a bit more shopping, get a bit more sun. Change. Take a taxi to FLL. Catch our flight home. Looking for that little green monster guy that appears at the end of Just For Laughs shows sadly crying “It’s over!”

We shall see what we shall see.


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