February 28, 2015

2015 Cruise Day Ten

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Today was our first of the final two complete sea days. Which meant we had a full day of absolutely nothing scheduled. Which felt good after the last two days of having to be up too early. Since we had nowhere to go and no time to be anywhere, I celebrated by eating a full breakfast. I really like the scrambled eggs at the Windjammer. I had that, bacon, baked beans, two fruit danish and coffee. Loved every bit of it. Oh, and there was orange juice, too. 

Diane worked on being in the sun. I did that for a while then moved to the shaded part of the pool deck to finish reading the novel I was working on. I’ve read three books so far and have started on books four and five. I’m reading one on the Kindle and the other on the iPad. Multitasking and all that. 

The Legend of the Seas is briskly on course to Port Lauderdale. The ride has gotten a bit more bumpy again with a more noticeable roll. We jokingly refer to the more noticeable bumps as potholes.

The rolling contributes to that phenomena where you are walking and as you go to place your foot down the floor moves to a different place. You get used to it. Just like I’ve gotten used to the swaying deck that moves my keyboard as I write.

Another observation. Why is it when you are in a hurry to go down the stairs, the Geritol Express is in front of you? So you swing wide to pass them and one decides to pass the other. Like semi-trucks running with speed limiters trying to pass each other, this takes a very long time. Your only option at this point is to slow down and appreciate the pattern in the carpet. Clipping one of the old birds at the knees is frowned upon, I’m pretty sure.

Speaking of irritants, Diane drew my attention to four kids playing in and around the pool. A quick review of the pool rules: no running, no diving, no spitting into the pool, and all urchins under the age of 16 must be under the direct supervision of a parent. There were four kids spending the entire afternoon studiously ignoring all of these rules. Just to keep it interesting they threw in lots of cannonball jumps. By late afternoon, most of the adults had pretty much enough of their act and had abandoned the pool to the wee little angels.

I have to say I appreciate the trust the parents of these kids had shown by allowing the rest of the passengers to babysit their kids. I’m just wondering how we all will split up the six dollars and hour they owe us all. 

By the way, under the heading of Karma’s a bitch, one of the little guys slipped and fell hurting his shoulder in the process. Since there were no adults near at hand to help the poor dear he had to go looking for Mom. 

Diane spoke with Guest Services about the situation. They profusely apologized and said the Pool Supervisor should have addressed the situation. Pool Supervisor? Neither one of us had ever seen a Pool Supervisor on this or on our previous cruise. Maybe they are the Unicorn of the crew, only sighted on rare occasions by virgins or something. 

As long as I’m grinching about things, let’s talk about $10.75 Black Russians. Any bar I go to during the day charges me $10.00 for a Black Russian. Now you know why I was trying to get the vodka and kahlua on board. Some of the bars and some of the bartenders, in response to the simple request for a Black Russian, produce one and proffer a bill for $10.75.

The first time this happened was the evening of Day Six. The bartender was one I had observed pouring a shot and a half for a passenger who had ordered a double scotch. So I thought this was just a peculiarity of hers, upping the price of my drink. I asked her how she’s arrived at this inflated price. She explained that Smirnoff was a premium vodka. Smirnoff? Really? I pointed out I’d not asked for a specific vodka. She offered to pour it out and make me a new one. I told her not to bother and made a mental note to avoid this particular bartender. 

It happened again tonight. Different bar, different bartender. Didn’t bother calling the bartender about it. But it got to bugging me that there was an inconsistency to the drink prices so I went down to Guest Services. I prefaced my comments by saying I wasn’t looking for a refund or anything and seventy-five cents was not a lot to quibble about but I think consistency in pricing would be a good thing. The GS lady looked at my account and saw the charges I was speaking about. She agreed with my basic premise and said she would speak with the bar manager. If the customer does not specify a “premium” ingredient the price should be the same. 

As I was writing this Sandy and her husband stopped by. They are a couple from Ottawa. We’ve gotten to know each other because we haunt the same smoking venues at the same time. They also sit at one of the three tables at dinner being serviced by our head waiter.

We compared notes on ways we felt various crew members had fallen short of our expectations. I’ll go into that list in a later post. Suffice it to say that we are having a different experience with the crew on this cruise than we had on our previous cruise. One of the things I’ll be looking for on our next cruise will be this. Which cruise, the excellent one on Grandeur or this less than stellar cruise on Legend, is the aberration? Will we see service closer to what we saw on Grandeur? This would lead me to believe that is the standard we should expect. If the Serenade service is like this one maybe we need to adjust our expectations regarding RCI.

More on all of this later. Tomorrow is a new day. 

We shall see what we shall see.


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