February 28, 2015

2015 Cruise Day Eleven

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And that’s it. A few more hours of cruising and we will be in port. According to the map thing on Channel 40 we just went by Cornwall in The Bahamas. 

All the large luggage has been packed full and set out into the hallway to await transfer off the ship. Guest Services is busy adding up everyone’s final accounts and printing up the bills that will magically slide under our stateroom door during the night. 

Another sign that this is pretty much done is that the head of Food Services interrupted dinner to introduce all the heads of the various food departments followed by the Dance of the Waiters. 

Last cruise at this point we were trying to work out how much to tip our waiter and assistant waiter. That was not an issue today. While the service was adequate, there wasn’t anything about it that inspired a desire to tip above the amount they are already receiving as their portion of the $12 gratuity per person per day. That works out to $264 we’ve paid. That should cover it. I think it was in Day Five that I covered the waitstaff. That pretty much covers why we didn’t want to tip. 

We slept in again today and when hit up the Windjammer for one more excessive breakfast. Spent some time laying out on Deck 10. 

There are shops on the ship. They sell clothing, jewelry, watches and what-not at amazing prices. That’s not amazing as in good amazing. More like you’ve-got-to-be-kidding amazing. However, they do have sales where things are on offer for reasonable prices. They also have sales where they sell watches or necklaces for $20. How could you go wrong if your expectations are for a nice looking watch that keeps the approximate time and works for a year or so? 

We wandered down to see what they had on their last day sale. Diane found a name-brand watch with a real guarantee for a decent price. They needed to take a couple of links out of the band to fit it to her so they gave her the receipt and said to come back at 8:00 tonight to get it.

A couple of hours later when we were back up on a very windy Deck 10 I took something out of my bag and the wind caught the receipt. I took off after it to no avail. I went back to check my bag to see if maybe it was just a drink receipt that flew away. Nope. Got that. Don’t have the watch receipt.

I went down and looked around on Deck 9 by the pool to see if it stuck there. No luck. I told Diane I’d go down to the shop to see if they could print a duplicate from their records. She said she would sit on the bench by the pool and wait to see how that came out.

I had just gotten done explaining to the clerk what had happened and he was getting ready to pull up the sale when Diane walked in. With the receipt. She had gone to the bench to sit down. She noticed a piece of paper stuck under the leg of a nearby chair. She pulled it out and bingo. There is was. We got a good laugh out of that and, bonus, her watch was already completed. 

With that excitement behind us we decided that packing up our stuff wasn’t going to get done without us. In a fit of brilliance, we took notes on what we brought and didn’t use. Things like too many socks, too many shorts (only wore the black nylon ones) and definitely didn’t need the flannel pants. We finally got everything packed.

Rudy the attendant stopped by with the coconut rum I bought in Grenada. Liquor purchased at the various ports is collected when you come back to the ship. Got to protect that alcohol monopoly! A little while later he was back with the Kahlua and vodka confiscated back when we started the cruise. 

Time to dress for dinner. The suggested theme was white. Diane didn’t have anything white so she went for comfortable. She looked lovely, though. I had a white RCI shirt I’d gotten earlier today so I went with that. I checked in the shops to see if they had any white golf shirts or other collared shirts. They did. And they were only a mere $69 or $76. Pass. 

We had a nice final dinner with our dining crew. Don and Carol brought and shared another bottle of Zinfandel. We all commented on how much we had enjoyed each other’s company. We traded notes on future plans, coming cruises, things like that. Coincidentally, Don and Carol are doing back to back cruises on the Serenade next February and are leaving the ship the day we board her for our next cruise. 

We all skipped the traditional “Oh, we must stay in touch” thing that people do where they actually end up never staying in touch. I thought that was pretty grownup of us. 

Diane and I both had French Onion soup for our appetizer. She had salmon and I had a cheese rigatoni. No dessert for her. I had three. Something strawberry, something chocolate and key lime pie. In my defence I’d like to point out they were all very small desserts. 

After dinner we went to the theatre to listen to a comedian. He was occasionally funny but not heart-stoppingly so. Afterward Diane went to bed and I went to go write.

I was thinking today about an old guy I’d overheard when we were boarding the cruise. He showed up where the location where they had put the luggage for his floor. He said he was looking for his luggage and his wife. They asked him which one did he want to find?


Tomorrow night we should be in our hotel in Hollywood, Florida. 

We shall see what we shall see…


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