August 15, 2012

“Let me tell you a story”

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When I was born and first put in my mother’s arms I think she looked down at me and said “Let me tell you a story”. This she has done all these years.

Until this week I had not noticed how many times she starts a story with that phrase. She seems to use it to differentiate what she is about to say from just a mere recitation of facts.

Listening to her stories this week, I try to imagine how they sound to Diane. So many of the stories relate to people and events from a distant past that Dad and I know. To Diane, who was not a part of that past, these could just as well be made up tales. I occasionally make an attempt to clarify the details of the story. Unfortunately, like trying to simultaneously translate a foreign language, so much gets lost along the way. But Diane is patient and understands the situation.

Many of Mom’s stories are triggered by something in our conversation. The recollection and retelling of this story prompts the remembrance of more stories. I see a pattern where Mom begins in one place and, like an airplane taking off, goes off to other interesting places related, but seemingly not related, to where she started until finally the airplane of her thoughts returns and lands in the here and now.

This is how I find her here in mid-July, 2012.



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