May 5, 2011

Want to go to Manila? Start with YVR.

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We left home at 0520. The plan had been to leave at 0500. Plans are goals. So be it. We got to the shop at 0540 and met up with Farid. We moved our luggage from 598 (the company sedan that I had been using) to Farid’s car. Farid thoughtfully a black coffee for me and an orange juice for Diane waiting for us in the car.

We had a 0730 flight to YVR (Vancouver). We got to Ottawa airport at 0550. Immediately figured out 0530 would have been better. Made it through Air Canada check in with no major glitches except Diane had to sign her passport.

Security: Large hand cream – no. Hummus – no. Chicken salad – no. So it goes. Grapes and apples – ok! Diane also lost a bottle of water.

We got water in the boarding area. The flight boarded at 0650 as advertised. What I thought was 29D wasn’t. I got the window seat!

Pushes off at 0734, taxied at 0738, and took off at 0744.

Due to hit YVR in 5 hours and 3 minutes.

Great view of Ottawa on takeoff. Clear blue skies.

There is a fun map function on the touchscreen in the seatback in front of me. There us also a USB port and a 120V plug.

And now, at 0750, we settle in.


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